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Ledyard Jane Doe

BACKGROUND: Gustavous Lee Carmichael was born on August 3, 1946 in Atlanta, Georgia. During his early adult years, he was known for being a serial bank robber, hitting numerous banks throughout the eastern United States. In 1970, he had robbed a bank in New Jersey, stealing a total of $60,000. Unfortunately for Carmichael, he would

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East Haven Jane Doe

DISCOVERY: On August 16, 1975, a truck driver discovered the body of an unidentified woman in a drainage ditch in East Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut. The body was discovered behind the former Bradlees department store on Frontage Street, which is now a Carmax. When found, Jane Doe was wrapped in a canvas tarpaulin. She

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The Murder of Helle Crafts

EARLY LIFE: Helle Crafts was born on July 4, 1947 in Charlottenlund, Denmark. In 1969, while training to be a flight attendant for Pan American in Florida, she met her future husband, Richard, who was a pilot for Eastern Airlines, as well as a part time police officer and former Marine pilot. Prior to meeting

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