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New Brighton Jane Doe

Digital reconstruction of what the New Brighton Jane Doe may have looked like when alive + Clay reconstruction of what the New Brighton Jane Doe may have looked like when alive

DISCOVERY: On September 15, 2000, high school couple Jennifer and Nathan Leach were rollerblading in New Brighton, Minnesota’s Long Lake Regional Park when they came across a shoe that was still tightly tied. Curious as to why its owner wasn’t around, the pair began walking along a nearby deer path, toward a swampy area near Lake Rush.

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Clark County Jane Doe (2013)

Artist reconstructions of the Clark County Jane Doe (2013)

DISCOVERY: On October 18, 2013, a highway mowing crew working near the westbound entrance ramp for Casey, Clark County, Illinois on I-70 came across the decomposing remains of a deceased female. The area where the entrance ramp sits is located at Illinois Route 49. AUTOPSY: The autopsy performed on the remains determined the deceased had

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The Murder of Patricia Gaugler

Photographs of Patricia Eve Gaugler

MURDER: On the day of her murder, 28-year-old Patricia Eve Gaugler was travelling from her hometown of Pottstown, Pennsylvania to her brother’s home in Richmond, Virginia. She was last seen alive around 3:00pm on September 29, 1980, at the Sunoco gas station at East Patrick Henry Road in Ashland, Virginia, near I-95. Patricia’s body was

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The Unexplained Death of Catherine “Catrina” Mowrey

Catherine "Catrina" Mowrey sitting on the hood of a car

EARLY LIFE: Catherine Diane Mowrey was born on February 5, 1961 to James and Catherine Mowrey. She grew up in Kansas alongside her five siblings: Jim, Michael, Mark, Joann and Deborah. When she was a young adult, Catherine changed her name to “Catrina”. This was because she was working at a country club where many

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