Tag: True Crime

The Disappearance of Keeslyn Roberts

EARLY LIFE: Keeslyn Noell Roberts was born on October 22, 1999 to her parents, Shannon and Eric Roberts. The pair’s only child, she was better known by her nickname of “Butterfly” and was the centre of her parents’ world. The family lived in Dalton, Georgia, where Eric ran his own trucking company, Eric Roberts Trucking.

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The Disappearance of David Borer

EARLY LIFE: David Michael Borer was born on March 21, 1981 to his parents, Linda and Mike. At the time of his disappearance in 1989, the pair had separated and thus David and his four siblings lived with their mother in the small Alaskan town of Willow. David was a first grade student at Willow

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The Disappearance of Tania Marie Murrell

EARLY LIFE: Tania Marie Murrell was born on June 20, 1976 to her parents, Vivian and Jack. Vivian worked as a bakery manager, while Jack was a carpenter who built new houses for Allritt Homes on the west side of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. According to those who knew the family, Vivian and Jack were known

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