Newhall Jane Doe (Jane Doe 18)

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On August 26, 1980, a worker was inspecting a pair of water towers in Newhall, Los Angeles County, California, following reports of a foul odour. It was here he came across bones scattered across a 10′ radius, approximately 0.6 miles north of 25121 Sierra Highway.


The remains were examined at the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, where it was determined she’d died less than year prior. She’d been killed by a single gunshot to the back of the head, proven by the .25-caliber jacketed bullet that was removed from the temporal area of the skull.


The deceased is described as a White female between the ages of 15 and 20. She stood between 5’4″ and 5’8″, and had 8″-long blonde-to-brown hair and pierced ears. Due to the state of the remains, her weight and eye colour could not be determined. Four of her teeth had fillings, while six were missing post-mortem, meaning there is a likelihood she may have had additional dental work done that investigators are unaware of.

When found, she was wearing a red sweatshirt with a front zipper. There was one 3/4″ loop yellow metal earring with a backing still attached to one of her ears.

Jane Doe was a victim of Douglas Clark and Carol Bundy, AKA the Sunset Strip Killers. The pair were responsible for the murders of prostitutes and runaways in the Los Angeles area from June to August 1980. Following their arrests, Bundy was charged with the murders of Jack Murray and another female victim, and accepted a plea deal of 52 years-to-life in prison. She died of heart failure on December 9, 2003. Clark was charged with and convicted of six murders and sentenced to death. As of 2022, he remains on California’s death row.

Based on statements Bundy gave to police, the deceased was likely a prostitute from the Hollywood area. While performing a sex act on Clark in his car, she was shot in the back of the head and brought to Newhall, where she was raped post-mortem. The pair then dumped her body.

There are two other unidentified victims of Clark and Bundy. The first is the Valencia Jane Doe, who was found deceased in a riverbed south of the Valencia Sewage Treatment Plant in Los Angeles County on January 26, 1980. She was located with a second victim, and had died of a gunshot. The second is known as the Quartz Hill Jane Doe. She was located nearly a mile east of Bouquet Canyon Road, along Artesian Springs Road, in Los Angeles County. She too died by gunshot, and allegedly went by the name “Cathy”.


1) Andrea Joy Hall, who went missing from Redondo Beach, California on July 8, 1979.

2) Angela Mae Meeker, who went missing from Tacoma, Washington on July 7, 1979.

3) Cecile Frances Moch, who went missing from Santa Barbara, California on August 7, 1980.

4) Cheryl Schille Wyant, who went missing from Corbet, Oregon on May 28, 1978.

5) Christina Lee White, who went missing from Asotin, Wisconsin on April 28, 1979.

6) Connie Gail Minchaca, who went missing from Napa, California on June 9, 1978.

7) Cynthia Ardina Leslie, who went missing from Mesa, Arizona on July 31, 1974.

8) Debra Theresa Pscholka, who went missing from Corona, California on June 5, 1971.

9) Julie Ann Moseley, who went missing from Fort Worth, Texas on December 23, 1974.

10) Julie Galloway, who was last seen in California.

11) Kristy Lynne Booth, who went missing from Midland, Texas on February 2, 1980.

12) Lisa Joy White, who went missing from Vernon, Connecticut on November 1, 1974.

13) Lucinda Lynn Schaefer, who went missing from Torrance, California on June 24, 1979.

14) Marie Ann Blee, who went missing from Craig, Colorado on November 21, 1979.

15) Rachel Hanna Zieselman, who went missing from Pacific Palisade, California on September 5, 1977.

16) Rebecca Jean Dunn, who went missing from San Diego, California on April 1, 1979.

17) Robyn Ann Pettinato, who went missing from Whitefish, Montana on July 5, 1975.

18) Sandra Kaye Butler, who went missing from Sparks, Nevada on June 26, 1978.

19) Simone Stephanie Ridinger, who went missing from Sherborn, Massachusetts on September 2, 1977.

20) Teri Caulfield, who was last seen in California.


Jane Doe’s dentals are available for comparison.

Those with information regarding the case are asked to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at 323-890-5500. Tips can also be called into the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office at either 323-343-0512 or 323-343-0754.

Image Credit: NCMEC

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