The Disappearance of Daisy Tallman

Photograph of Daisy Tallman

EARLY LIFE: Daisy Mae Tallman was born on January 10, 1958 to Eldred Heath and Nancy Whitefoot, members of the Confederated Tribes and Bands of Yakama Nation. The youngest of six sisters, she was raised by her maternal grandparents, Elias and Lillie Whitefoot, and extended family on a ranch in Medicine Valley, near the foothills

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The Disappearance of Patricia Favel

Portrait of Patricia Favel

EARLY LIFE: Patricia “Patsy” Favel was born on February 10, 1966 to Alice Berger and Wilfred Favel. She was one of six children, and her siblings were Gary, Maxine, Alvin, Donny and Sharon. The family were members of Saskatchewan’s Kawacatoose First Nation, located 200km from Saskatoon. While initially placed in foster care, she was later returned

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The Disappearance of Roxanne Fleming

Roxanne Fleming smiling

EARLY LIFE: Roxanne Elaine Fleming was born Rosanne Darcy Copeland in 1964. A member of British Columbia’s N’Quatqua Band, she was put up for adoption just a few months after she was born and placed in the care of a family not from the First Nations community. Growing up, she was known as a vibrant

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San Juan County Jane Doe

Artist's reconstruction of the San Juan County Jane Doe from the front and the side

DISCOVERY: While hiking in Fruitland, San Juan County, New Mexico on January 22, 1991, hikers discovered the partial skeletal remains of a deceased individual. According to reports, the bones were found in a shallow grave in a dead end canyon, about half-a-mile south away from APS Four Corners Plant Road. AUTOPSY: Based on the state of the

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The Disappearance of Roxanne Isadore

Roxanne Isadore looking forward + Roxanne Isadore smiling

EARLY LIFE: Roxanne Marie Isadore was born on October 14, 1982 in High Prairie, Alberta. Her mother, Dorothy Blue, was 17 years old at the time and was already raising her other daughter, 2-year-old Nicole. Following Roxanne’s birth, Dorothy gave birth to two more girls, Nicole and Rollanda. The family are members of the Driftpile Cree

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