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The Murder of Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood smiling

*UPDATE: The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a Philadelphia man for the murder of Elijah Wood.* EARLY LIFE: Elijah Wood was a 23-year-old living in Oconee County, Georgia. His family, including his father, Todd; his twin sister, Mary; and his two brothers, David and Steven, moved to the area seven years prior from Oglethorpe

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The Disappearance of Morgan Bauer

EARLY LIFE: Morgan Bauer was born on April 13, 1996. A graduate of Central High School in Aberdeen, South Dakota, she had a dream of leaving her rural roots to make a life for herself in the big city. LEAD UP TO DISAPPEARANCE: On February 12, 2016, Morgan arrived in Atlanta, Georgia, after catching a

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Jackson County Jane Doe (2001)

DISCOVERY: At approximately 12:00pm on August 19, 2001, an officer with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office pulled over a vehicle for a routine traffic stop in Jefferson, Jackson County, Georgia. The individual asked if he could relieve himself in a nearby wooded area, a request the officer granted. When he jumped over the guardrail, he

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DISCOVERY: On September 16, 2003, firefighters in Cedartown, Polk County, Georgia were called to a residence at 506 7th Street, where a fire was ablaze in one of the bedrooms. Upon dousing the flames, they came upon two deceased individuals and one who was unconscious, but still alive. All three had their hands duct-taped behind

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The Disappearance of Keeslyn Roberts

*This article initially misstated the counties in which Resaca and Chatsworth are located. It has been corrected to show Resaca is located in Gordon County and Chatsworth in Murray County.* EARLY LIFE: Keeslyn Noell Roberts was born on October 22, 1999 to her parents, Shannon and Eric Roberts. The pair’s only child, she was better known

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