Teteringen Girl

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On December 25, 1990, a man and his brother-in-law were walking along the edge of the forest in Cadettenkamp, just outside Teteringen in the Netherlands, when they came across the body of a deceased female. She’d been dumped along the edge of the road, wrapped in blankets and a carpet. Her face was covered by a red cloth, and near the body lay a red-striped cloth and a black lace one with holes.

After speaking with local residents, investigators determined the deceased’s body had likely been at the location since around December 23, 1990.


An autopsy determined the deceased had been bound and held captive prior to her death. The official cause was listed as exhaustion, as she’d been starved.

Her body also showed signs that cigarettes had been put out on her skin.


The deceased is described as North African (likely Moroccan) and between the ages of 15 and 17. She stood at 5’3″ and had a slender build, with brown eyes, full lips and relatively clean teeth. While she likely had long, wavy black-to-brown hair at some point, it had been roughly cut into a short style prior to her death.

When found, Jane Doe was wearing a wine-red turtleneck, size large, and size 3 red Carine-brand corduroy pants. At the time, this brand was only sold in Belgium, leading investigators to theorize she’d been living in the country. Her feet indicated she wore a size 36 shoe.

As aforementioned, she was found wrapped in blankets and a carpet. The blankets were green and brown in colour. The brown one, in particular, had a unique cross-stitch embroidery, and both had been tied with nylon cord.

In 1990, investigators were informed a broken down white Peugeot 305 with Belgian license plates was found near the scene. It had been left behind by two or three Moroccans from Antwerp, who’d been picked up by another man whose car had Belgian plates.

The first individual was described as a white male between the ages of 20 and 24. He stood at 5’7″; had straight, blond hair with a noticeable part; and was wearing grey clothing. The second man had a medium skin tone and looked around 65 years of age. He had a stocky build and black hair, stood at 4’9″ and wore a blue suit. The final suspect, a 62-year-old woman, was slender and and wore deep purple clothing. As with the second man, she had a medium skin tone, stood at 4’9″ tall and had black hair.

Reports at the time said several people were arrested following the discovery of Jane Doe’s body, but it’s unclear if these three individuals were amongst those taken into custody.

In 2006, her remains were exhumed for DNA extraction. This followed the creation of a dedicated cold case team, tasked with reopening the case. The remains were examined by the Dutch Forensic Institute and later sent to a laboratory in Germany.

It’s believed Jane Doe likely lived in Antwerp, Belgium prior to her death, with the results of the DNA testing connecting her to a Moroccan family living north of Anvers.


There is currently a €15,000 reward for information leading to a resolution in the case.

Those with information are asked to contact Amsterdam police at 0800-6070. International callers can contact investigators by dialling +31793459876.

Image Credit: Carl Koppelman/Ann Morland

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