The Disappearance of Jessica Lynn Garino

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Jessica Lynn Garino grew up the youngest of three children in Unicoi County, Tennessee. According to her family, she was a smart and spunky free spirit who enjoyed having fun and spending time with loved ones.

Her family began to express concern for Jessica’s well-being after she entered into a relationship with a 52-year-old named Carson Cameron. They thought it was unusual that someone so much older was interested in Jessica, and he was constantly high on drugs. They tried their best to steer her away from him, but their efforts were in vain.

Jessica too suffered from substance abuse issues. In order to better her life and get off drugs, she moved to Goldsboro, North Carolina in December 2011. However, she ended up moving in with Cameron, who continued to deal heroin.

Despite the distance, Jessica kept in daily contact with her family by telephone.


Jessica was last seen on January 23, 2012 at the Carolina Treatment Center, an outpatient drug treatment facility in the 1700 block of East Ash Street in Goldsboro. There are also reports a co-worker saw her two days later, on January 25.

January 23 was also the last day she had contact with her sister, who said Jessica had promised to call her in a week, after she’d got paid.


Jessica was reported missing to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department after she’d gone a couple of week without contacting her family. They also filed a report with the Erwin Police Department back in Tennessee.


After Jessica was reported missing, investigators spoke with Cameron. He claimed she’d left abruptly in the middle of the night. However, their roommates told a different story, saying the pair had actually left the apartment together. They were gone a few days, after which Cameron returned home alone.

The Erwin Police Department tried to assist in the investigation from a distance, contacting the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. When it became clear the investigation would be primarily focused in North Carolina, they were put in touch with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation.

Jessica’s food stamp card was used for approximately a month after she was last seen. Along with being used in Goldsboro, records showed use in Charleston, South Carolina. Her family doesn’t believe it was her who used the card.

Jessica hadn’t accessed her social media pages since January 2012.

The authorities have had few leads to go on since the launch of their investigation. Cameron has become uncooperative and refuses to speak about the case. Since Jessica went missing, he has been arrested on other charges, leading her family to further believe he had something to do with her disappearance.


Jessica Lynn Garino went missing from Goldsboro, Wayne County, North Carolina on either January 23 or 25, 2012. She was 21 years old, and what she was last seen wearing is currently unknown. At the time of her disappearance, she stood between 5’6″ and 5’10”, and weighed 130 to 150 pounds. She has shoulder-length brown hair and green eye, as well as the following tattoos: swirls and stars on top of her left foot; a rose on the back of her left shoulder; and the name “Jessica” around her ankle.

Currently, the case is classified as endangered missing. If alive, she would be 31 years old.

Those with information regarding the case are asked to contact the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department at 919-580-4065 or the Erwin Police Department at 423-330-4604.

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