The Disappearance of Madison Roy-Boudreau

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14-year-old Madison Roy-Boudreau lived in Bathurst, New Brunswick with her family. A bright, bubbly girl, she was known for her love of singing and dance. She had many friends, whom she’d met while attending school within the Anglophone School District North.


Madison was last seen by her father around 7:30am on the morning of May 11, 2021. She’d been walking away from her residence, in the direction of her school bus stop.

The teenager was reported missing by her father at 11:18pm that night after missing curfew. Despite her age, an AMBER Alert was not issued, as police felt it didn’t meet the criteria necessary for one. In later news reports, an investigator with the Bathurst Police Force admitted that members of its Criminal Investigation Division had considered submitting a request to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s J Division, but realized they wouldn’t be able to.

According to law enforcement, the following four criteria must be met for an AMBER Alert to be issued:

1) Police have confirmed an abduction has occurred.

2) The victim is a child or of proven physical and mental disability.

3) There is reason to believe the victim is in danger of serious physical injury.

4) There is information available to prove a broadcast to the public will help in the safe recovery of the victim.


Right from the start, investigators called Madison’s disappearance suspicious, as neither her friends or her family had heard from her since she left for school.

Search and rescue teams have scoured areas across Bathurst and beyond. The RCMP has aided in the search, providing a helicopter, K-9 services, an underwater recovery team and a drone. Searches have been conducted via air, ground and water, but Madison has not been located.

Fairly quickly, it was learnt Madison was last seen getting into a grey Ford Ranger on the morning of her disappearance. Investigators were able to identify and find the vehicle, and took both it and its owner into custody after a short surveillance mission. It was revealed the truck may have been near a quarry located at 2100 St. Anne Street in Bathurst, which led to a search of the area.

The identity of the individual found to be driving the vehicle has not been shared with the public, nor has their possible connection to Madison’s disappearance.

On May 14, 2021, police charged 42-year-old Steven Laurette of South Tetagouche with failing to comply with the condition of a court undertaking between May 10 and 11, 2021. He’s accused of breaching the condition that he not be in the presence of females who are under 18 years of age, unless accompanied by an adult who is “aware of the present investigation”. The “present investigation” concerns sexual assault allegations involving someone under the age of 16. The offences of sexual assault and sexual interference occurred between December 1, 2018 and March 12, 2019 at or near Petit-Rocher, New Brunswick.

Investigators have not said how the charges against Laurette relate to Madison’s disappearance. Several media outlets have learnt he’s an acquaintance of her father.

On May 16, 2021, the Bathurst Police Force searched a “specific location” in South Tetagouche, west of Bathurst, after uncovering unspecified information. They searched the residence of a private citizen, but came up empty.

The investigation was changed from a missing persons case to a criminal investigation on May 27, 2021. At the time this was announced, police shared they’d recovered a “substantial” amount of video evidence, were receiving tips on a daily basis and had spoken with eye witnesses. They put out a plea to the public, asking anyone with dash cam footage from the morning of May 11 to turn it over to investigators.

Members of the Bathurst community held a walk to raise awareness about the case on June 5, 2021. Participants wore purple ribbons, as it is Madison’s favourite colour.

Police moved their search to the small community of Middle River on August 9, 2021. They were assisted by the RCMP underwater recovery team, the Miramichi Police Force, the BNPP Regional Police Force and the RCMP’s tactical support group.

Madison’s father has been conducting his own searches, with the aid of volunteers. The family has been independently fielding tips, and have turned to the help of psychics. According to the missing girl’s aunt, Linda Boudreau, they are frustrated over the lack of communication from police.

On August 11, 2021, it was announced the case is now being investigated as a possible homicide. While police say this is due to the evidence they’ve uncovered, they refused to reveal what that evidence is. Given the active nature of the investigation, they are not able to name their prime suspect, but state no one has yet been charged in the case. Investigators continue to deploy “exhaustive resources”, and several investigators have been assigned solely to the investigation.


Madison Roy-Boudreau was last seen walking to her school bus stop in Bathurst, New Brunswick on the morning of May 11, 2021. She was 14 years old, and was last seen wearing a grey sweater, camouflage-coloured pants and silver shoes. At the time of her disappearance, she stood at 5’4″ and weighed approximately 119 pounds. She has medium-length brown hair and brown eyes.

Currently, the case is classified as a homicide investigation. If alive, Madison would still be 14 years old.

Those with information regarding the case are asked to contact the Bathurst Police Force at 506-548-0420, option #2. Tips can be submitted anonymously via Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Image Credit: Yahoo Canada

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