Case Update: Keene Creek Boy Identified

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June 24, 2021:

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has announced the identity of the unidentified child found wrapped in a blanket along the Keene Creek Reservoir east of Ashland, Jackson County, Oregon on July 11, 1963.

Known as “Keene Creek Boy” and the “Boy in a Bundle”, the deceased has been identified as Stevie Crawford of New Mexico. The identification comes 13 years after investigators exhumed his body to obtain a DNA sample from his femur. While no match was initially found, a connection was eventually made between John Doe and a relative who’d submitted their DNA to the private genealogy company 23AndMe.

According to Stevie’s family, he’d been born with Down’s Syndrome. At some point during 1963, his mother had taken him on a trip. She’d returned to New Mexico alone and told relatives they’d no longer have to worry about Stevie. She has since passed away, hindering any prospect of charges being laid in the death.

Stevie’s family plans to have his remains transported back to New Mexico, where they’ll be buried in the family burial plot.

Image Credit: NCMEC

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