Los Angeles Jane Doe (1992)

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On December 9, 1992, a young woman was found deceased and wrapped in black plastic trash bags in south-central Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California. She was found in the alley behind 6225 South San Pedro Street, near the northwest corner of South San Pedro and Gage Avenue, an area which was home to a local burger restaurant.

The surrounding area is described as being a rougher part of the city.


An autopsy was performed upon Jane Doe’s body being brought into the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s office. It was determined she’d died just hours prior to being found, her death the result of multiple stab wounds.


Jane Doe is described as Hispanic, and is believed to have been between 14 and 25 years old. She stood at 4’6″ and weighed 127 pounds. She had brown-to-black hair that fell to the middle of her back, and her eyes are described as having been either brown or black.

According to reports, she appeared to be well-groomed. She had a medium build and a medium-to-dark complexion.

When found, she was wearing a white blouse; a white dress with suspenders and a black leather belt with a silver tip; a purple under-slip; a white bra; white panties; and two inexpensive, silver-tone band rings. Reports differ as to which fingers the rings were worn, with some saying they were on her right middle and right index fingers, and others noting they were on her right middle and right ring fingers.


Jane Doe’s DNA, dentals and fingerprints are available for comparison.

Those with information regarding the identity of Jane Doe are asked to contact the Newton Division of the Los Angeles Police Department at 323-846-6556. Tips can also be called into the County of Los Angeles Medical Examiner-Coroner at 323-343-0512 or 323-343-0754.

Image Credit: Carl Koppelman/NCMEC

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