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The Disappearance of Scott Andreas Sims

EARLY LIFE: Scott Andreas Sims was born on July 1, 1950 to parents Donald and Ellen Douglass. He was the couple’s second child, with Ellen having given birth to Donald Jr. a year earlier. While the two boys were young, the pair divorced and eventually married other people. Ellen married William Sims, who was a

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Fort Worth Missing Trio

LEAD UP TO DISAPPEARANCE: On the morning of December 23, 1974, Lisa Renee Wilson, Julie Ann Moseley and Mary Rachel Trlica travelled to the Seminary South Shopping Center in Fort Worth, Texas to do some Christmas shopping. Lisa and Mary, who both went by their middle names, were friends and Julie was the sister of

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Pecos Jane Doe

*UPDATE: The Pecos Police Department has identified Pecos Jane Doe as Jolaine Marie Hemmy, a 17-year-old from Kansas City, Kansas.* DISCOVERY: At 2:00pm on July 5, 1966, a couple calling themselves Mr. & Mrs. Russell Battuon checked into the Ropers Motel in Pecos, Reeves County, Texas. A couple of hours later, between 4:00pm and 5:30pm, it’s reported

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