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The Disappearance of Selina Wallace

Selina Wallace holding a baby

EARLY LIFE: Selina Wallace was one of 10 children born to a family from the We Wai Kai First Nation, located in Quadra Island’s Cape Mudge, across from the Campbell River in British Columbia. Growing up, she was known to be very family-oriented, spending the summers picking berries with her mother and fishing with her father.

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The Disappearance of Betsy Owens

EARLY LIFE: Betsy Rosa Owens was born on July 7, 1973. A member of the Pauingassi First Nation, she was close with her sisters, Caroline Owens and Valerie Leveque, and loved swimming with them in Fishing Lake, the body of water that surrounds the community. According to her family, Betsy was a nice girl who

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The Disappearance of Chelsea Poorman

EARLY LIFE: Chelsea Poorman was born to parents Sheila Poorman, a support worker with Lu’ma Native Housing Society, and Michael Kiernan. When she was young, her parents divorced, and for a time she and her sister, Paige, stayed with their father. Chelsea is a member of Kawacatoose First Nation in Saskatchewan, through her mother’s family.

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The Disappearance of Nancy Liou

EARLY LIFE: Nancy Liou was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on November 3, 1983. According to her loved ones, she was an outgoing, social girl with a tight knit group of friends. She was also known for being strong-willed. In the fall of 1998, she ran away from home for 18 days, after her father

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The Disappearance of Jennifer Kesse

*This article was used as the basis for the 56th episode of John Lordan’s Seriously Mysterious podcast.* EARLY LIFE: Jennifer Joyce Kesse was born on May 20, 1981 to parents Drew and Joyce Kesse. She was the oldest of two children, and is said to have been best friends with her little brother, Logan. The

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