Category: John & Jane Doe

Clark County Jane Doe (2013)

Artist reconstructions of the Clark County Jane Doe (2013)

DISCOVERY: On October 18, 2013, a highway mowing crew working near the westbound entrance ramp for Casey, Clark County, Illinois on I-70 came across the decomposing remains of a deceased female. The area where the entrance ramp sits is located at Illinois Route 49. AUTOPSY: The autopsy performed on the remains determined the deceased had

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Sahara Sue

Artist renderings of Sahara Sue

DISCOVERY: At around 9:00pm on August 14, 1979, the body of a partially-nude female was found lying facedown in the El Rancho parking lot in Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada. A pedestrian was walking through the vacant lot, located at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard South and Sahara Avenue, when they came upon the

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San Juan County Jane Doe

Artist's reconstruction of the San Juan County Jane Doe from the front and the side

DISCOVERY: While hiking in Fruitland, San Juan County, New Mexico on January 22, 1991, hikers discovered the partial skeletal remains of a deceased individual. According to reports, the bones were found in a shallow grave in a dead end canyon, about half-a-mile south away from APS Four Corners Plant Road. AUTOPSY: Based on the state of the

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Lander County Jane Doe

DISCOVERY: At 11:45am on February 25, 1990, hikers discovered partial skeletal remains scattered across the area of Hilltop Road on Shoshone Mountain in rural Lander County, Nevada. Among the bones found include a fragmented skull and mandible, ankle bones, and vertebrae. The body’s torso was never recovered. The area where the remains were found had

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Banff Jane Doe

DISCOVERY: On April 8, 1979, two hikers discovered a human skull in Banff National Park, Alberta, down a steep bank near 40 Mile Creek. A search of the area uncovered additional remains, including several ribs and vertebrae, a leg bone, and a shoulder blade. The location where the remains were found is approximately 200-330 metres

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