Case Update: Michaela Nelson Found Safe

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November 30, 2021:

Michaela Nelson, an Ohio National Guard specialist who’d been missing for over a month, has been found safe, according to both police and her family’s private investigator.

According to James Terry, who was hired by the family to look into Michaela’s disappearance, she was found around noon on November 30, 2021, near the intersection of Sawmill and Bethel Roads. Her vehicle, a 2016 grey Dodge Charger, had broken down. After police made contact with her, she was admitted to a local hospital for a physical and mental evaluation for a “precautionary examination”.

Previously, Terry had told media outlets that he believed Michaela to be alive and in hiding. Her father, Lance, recently told Fox News that he’d been receiving texts from his daughter’s cellphone, the latest of which was on November 29. After learning Michaela was safe, he went to the hospital to meet her.

“She said her phone died and her car was dead,” he said. “She felt really bad about what she’d done, making us worry – she wanted to die and things like that.”

Michaela was last seen on October 1, 2021, when a friend picked her up from the Columbus airport. Her family continued to be in contact with her until October 26, when all contact ceased. Inquiries with the Ohio National Guard found she had not checked in with her superiors, nor shown up for drills.

“We are relieved to hear today Spc. Michaela Nelson has been found,” said Stephanie Beougher, Ohio National guard spokeswoman. “She is a valued member of the Ohio National Guard, and her health and safety are a top priority.”

Michaela’s father said she had been living out of her car while she was missing. In the lead up to her disappearance, she’d been dealing with the death of her mother, being evicted from her apartment and her ex-husband remarrying shortly after their divorce.

Stories of the Unsolved will update this article as more details emerge.

Image Credit: Facebook

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